LendingTree Mortgage Review

LendingTree Mortgage Review

LendingTree Mortgage Review

There are several mortgage options available to consumers. Consumers can visit their local bank or credit union to learn more. Direct lenders like Quicken Loans are available. One can obtain several loan offers simultaneously by using a site such as LendingTree.

If you need to shop around for a home loan in a relatively short timeframe, you may want to consider LendingTree. Although the company does not provide mortgages directly, it serves as a lead generator for various lenders in its network. Creditworthy consumers can expect to receive a response from participating lenders within minutes of applying.

About LendingTree,

LendingTree is neither a lender nor a broker. The company acts as a broker, connecting consumers to multiple banks and loan companies. As a lead-generation tool, LendingTree allows lenders to bid on homebuyers and refinancers who meet their criteria, not unlike a broker. The fee is not based on the loan amount as a broker would.

LendingTree Home Loan Types and Rates

Several factors influence your interest rate, including your creditworthiness, the type of loan, and the duration of the loan. An ideal borrower must have a long history of timely payments, a steady income, and a low debt-to-income ratio.

Whatever your credit situation and whether you need a quick influx of cash or a bad credit personal loan to handle your debt, you are probably aware that no two lenders are alike. Selecting the right lender for your borrowing needs can be difficult if you don’t know which lenders to compare.

Atlanta Jurisdiction: >Lender Physical Address:>APR Range Atlanta Jurisdiction: >Min. Credit Score Physical Address:>Best For…
Best Egg 5.99% – 35.99% 700 Seamless online prequalification
FreedomPlus 7.99% – 29.99% Unspecified Applicants with excellent credit
LendingClub 7.04% – 35.89% Unspecified Applying with a co-borrower
LendingPoint 9.99% – 35.99% 585 Borrowing small loan amounts
LightStream 2.49% – 19.99% Unspecified Wide variety of repayment term durations
Marcus by Goldman Sachs® 6.99% – 19.99% 660 Unique repayment perks
OneMain Financial 18.00% – 35.99% Unspecified Option of a secured personal loan
Prosper 7.95% – 35.99% 640 Fast loan funding
Payoff 5.99% – 24.99% 640 Refinancing credit card debt
SoFi 5.74% – 20.28% 680 Unemployment protection during repayment
Upstart 4.37% – 35.99% 600 Borrowers with thin credit histories

VA Loan

Veterans Affairs offers VA loans to servicemembers, veterans, and their surviving spouses, allowing them to purchase homes without owning a home or paying private mortgage insurance. Veterans Affairs offers competitive rates and almost no down payment for VA loans.

FHA Loan

FHA loans are government-insured mortgages issued by banks and offered by lenders who the agency has approved. A conventional loan typically requires a higher down payment and credit score than an FHA loan.

FHA loans are available to low- and moderate-income families. New home buyers rely on it the most.

LendingTree Pros and Cons

Today, most transactions are conducted online. When people look for mortgages, they go directly to their computers rather than to a bank. Most local banks do not offer all creative loan programs because of the lack of innovative loan programs and the difficulty in comparing rates. It would help if you understood the pros and cons of an online company like LendingTree before submitting your information. We’ll explain what we feel are the benefits and concerns from our point of view.

Pros of LendingTree

  • LendingTree is a well-known company, so people feel comfortable doing business with it
  • Multiple lenders quickly responded to it.
  • Within two days of submitting your request, you will receive various quotes.
  • It is possible to get a reasonable rate but not guaranteed.
  • You can also get a personal loan or an auto loan.

LendingTree Cons

The Company collects your personal information. In addition to your address, birth date, and income, your city and state should be all that is required.

The Company sells your lead to 4-5 lenders who may or may not be able to help with your loan scenario.

  • They share your information with many other companies.
  • They take credit card and insurance leads now, too. This means their services are not specialized.

Cons of PenFed Credit Union

  • Few branches – PenFed has just over 50 units throughout the United States. People who prefer to be close to a component have a problem.
  • PenFed does not reimburse ATM fees charged by other banks – If you use another bank’s ATM, PenFed does not charge a fee. PenFed, however, does not reimburse you for that bank’s costs, as it partners with Target, CVS, and other companies to offer fee-free access to more than 85,000 ATMs.
  • Money market certificate holders can face stiff penalties if they withdraw their money before their money market certificates mature. If you cancel before maturity from a one-year term, all dividends would be forfeited.

LendingTree Application Process

  1. Keeping an eye on your three-digit credit score is crucial to your ability to borrow money and score a reasonable interest rate. A lower interest rate is more likely to be offered if you have a higher credit score since lenders assume you pose a lower risk as a borrower. Find out your credit score now.
  2. Get prequalified and shop around: APRs vary widely from lender to lender, so it’s a good idea to shop around. Through prequalification, you can see loan offers with a soft credit check. In this way, you can determine whether you qualify for the loan. However, prequalification does not mean that your formal application will be approved.
  3. Compare loan offers: When you have prequalified with a few lenders, compare your loan terms and fees – in general, both interest rate and fees are reflected in the annual percentage rate. As soon as you’ve decided which lender to apply with, you can begin the process.
  4. Gather supporting documents: The lending company may ask for additional documents when applying for the loan. Get ready for the application by gathering documents like proof of income (such as paycheck stubs), evidence of debt (such as mortgage statements), and bank account statements.
  5. Formally apply: Your lender of choice will now receive a formal application from you. A hard credit check is usually required when applying for a personal loan online. Follow the lender’s instructions and submit any documents that they request.
  6. Await a loan decision: Once a lender receives your application and pulls your credit report, they usually make a decision pretty quickly. Often, you can find out within hours. Depending on the lender, it will take time to receive the money. Some lenders have same-day funding delivered electronically to your bank account.

LendingTree Refinancing

Refinancing involves replacing your current loan with one that comes with better terms, such as lower monthly payments. Additionally to reducing the term of the loan, refinancing can eliminate private mortgage insurance or allow you to switch to a fixed-rate loan.

Refinancing a Mortgage in 5 Steps

If you refinance your mortgage, you go through a similar process as when you first took out the loan. Following are the five steps for refinancing a mortgage:


With a mortgage refinance, you should improve your financial situation. Lenders refer to intangible net benefits as “intangible net benefits.


Notify the credit agency in writing if you find errors on your credit reports. You will be thoroughly vetted by lenders, including your income, employment history, debts, assets, and credit scores.

In general, you’ll need a 580 to 620 credit score to refinance your mortgage. In most cases, you should not exceed 43% of your gross monthly income regarding your debt-to-income ratio (DTI).


A higher equity level will generally result in a lower mortgage rate. Paying off your principal loan amount increases the value of your home over time. You can subtract the current mortgage balance from the current value of your home (and any other loans).


You should apply for a refinance with three to five lenders within 14 days (and usually within 45 days, depending on which credit scoring model each lender uses). During this period, multiple credit inquiries will appear on your credit report as one credit inquiry and won’t affect your credit score negatively.


As soon as possible, lock your mortgage rate. You may not receive the same rate as yesterday, and rates change every day. When you lock in a rate sooner rather than later, you won’t have to worry about it changing.

LendingTree Alternatives


Equipment financing and business loans are available through National Funding and can be used for several expenses, including inventory, payroll, marketing costs and taxes. The application process is fast, and approved loans can be funded as quickly as 24 hours after approval.


Those businesses with good credit and reliable revenue can apply for working capital loans and commercial loans from Currency. Loan rates as low as 3.00% are available for equipment purchases up to $500,000, with commercial loans. Documentation fees of $295 are also required in addition to interest.


A variety of financing options are available through Rapid Finance, including small business loans, merchant cash advances, lines of credit, invoice factoring, and SBA loans.

Using a Rapid Finance small business term loan, borrowers can borrow up to $1,000,000, making it a good choice for borrowers with significant expenses that other lenders cannot meet.

Freedom Mortgage

Freedom Mortgage has been a top mortgage lender since 1990 and is family-owned and operated. Regardless of your unique situation, our team specializes in mortgages that can help you purchase a home or refinance one. As a service to our members, we strive especially hard to help them achieve the American dream of homeownership.

CrossCountry Mortgage

Crosscountry Mortgage, Inc provides mortgage financing. The Company offers mortgage-based products for home purchases, refinances, and home equity lines of credit. Customers are served in Ohio by CrossCountry Mortgage.


Stearns Lending, LLC is one of the leading wholesale, retail, and correspondent lenders in the United States. Stearns is a leading mortgage lender in the United States. Stearns had the fifth-largest share of private lenders in 2013.

LendingTree Transparency

With LendingTree, you can compare multiple mortgage quotes fast and for free. It is recommended that users use the LendingTree app, which is designed to prevent lenders from contacting them without your consent. Customers who want a quick response and do not need the guidance of a broker can benefit most from the online loan marketplace.

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