Key Takeaways From Biden’s First News Conference

Biden's First News Conference

Key Takeaways From Biden’s First News Conference

In the recent news conference conducted at the White House, US president Joe Biden announced how he is planning to deal with the migration influx at the southern border. With more than 15000 children being kept at government-run detention centers, the president was reportedly challenged by how his policies resulted in increased migration problems.

Mr. Biden criticized his predecessor- Donald Trump’s policies for this influx. He also vowed to stay as transparent as possible. He pointed out several reasons as to why this is happening. He added, “They are traveling here because of the cooler months. It’s the time when they can travel without the likelihood of dying in the desert because of the heat.

In addition to these climatic factors, he also blamed Mexico’s unsafe conditions that made them leave their own country. With high numbers of gang violence cases, worst economic situations, starvation and frequent occurrences of natural disasters, Biden claimed that it was inevitable.

Upon being asked about the conditions of the detention centers where minors are being kept, he said that because he aims to follow the ethos of transparency, the government will soon allow the journalist access to everything. However, he has not revealed any timeline for that.

Apart from the migration problems, Biden also expressed his concerns over gun legislation.

He was asked that whether he will be able to withdraw the troops from Afganistan by May 1. He admitted that although it is difficult to meet such a short deadline, he aims to accomplish long-term problems like gun legislation.

He also stated that he aims to administer 200 million jabs of the COVID-19 vaccine in his first 100 days. He said, “No other country has been able to reach close to what we are doing”. However, although the nation has administered 130 million doses, the numbers lag behind in terms of population size.



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