June 23rd- Celebrating Coast Guard Auxiliary Birthday

Coast Guard Auxiliary

June 23rd- Celebrating Coast Guard Auxiliary Birthday

The Coast Guard Auxiliary is one of the most obscure groups that has traditionally been associated with the US Military. June 23 is officially observed as the Coast Guard Auxiliary Birthday.

Coast Guard Auxiliary is an unpaid group of civilian volunteers who perform duties under the assistance of the regular Coast Guard. The group is considered a military service but is not a part of the Defence Department.

According to the laws passed in the mid-1990s, Coast Guard Auxiliary members are authorized to support any coast guard mission which does not involve law enforcement or military operations.

Currently, the auxiliary group is considered a part of the Department of Homeland Security. The group carries out missions like promoting and supporting maritime safety, fighting pollution, conducting rescues and encouraging recreational boating safety.

A Look At History

On June 23, 1939, congress created a reserve component for the coast guard. According to the Auxiliary And Reserve Act of 1941, a new branch of the coast guard auxiliary came into being.

This newly created group was assigned to serve the American waterways and high-seas, utilizing a non-military, all-volunteer, civilian force.

Earlier, it was mandatory to own a waterway vessel to volunteer in the coast auxiliary group. However, according to the recent amendments, volunteers no longer need to own a boat to render their services.

While February 19 is celebrated to mark the origin of the Coast Guard organization, June 23 is celebrated to mark the origin of the auxiliary group.

Unlike Coast Guard Auxiliary group, Coast Guard is a recognized department of the military.

Celebrating Their Services

There are several ways to honor the Coast Guard Auxiliary. The best way to do is to volunteer in the service itself. According to the US Coast Guard Auxiliary official site, anyone above 17 can be a part of this group. Owning a waterways vehicle is not mandatory but can be a plus point. You can visit the official site to learn more about the application procedure.

Another way to observe this birthday is by taking up public boating courses. The Coast Guard Auxiliary holds “free safety checks” that include recreational courses like boat safety classes and how to perform routine waterways petrol.

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