How to get VA Home Loans in California?

How to get VA Home Loans in California?

The VA home loan is a great program available to Californians, but only a few can get one. If you’re interested in settling down in the sprawling hillsides or sunny beaches, you’ll love your new home.

How to get a VA Loan in California

VA loans in California are provided by private lenders and guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. It would be best to find a lender licensed in the state where you plan to purchase or refinance because private lenders make the loans, not the VA.

A lender licensed in California will be your best bet if you’re buying a house in Temecula, CA. 

VA Loans in California: Top Considerations

While buying a home, VA borrowers in California should also consider the cost and impact of VA loan limits and property taxes.

VA Loan Limits in California

There are no VA loan limits for California VA borrowers who have full entitlement to a VA loan. In other words, you can borrow as much as the lender is willing to lend without making a down payment.

However, Veterans without full VA loan entitlement are still bound to VA loans in California. 

California VA Loan Limits by County for 2023

San Diego County $977,500
San Benito County $1,089,300
Sacramento County $763,600
Placer County $763,600
Orange County $1,08$1,017,7509,3$1,017,75000
Monterey County $915,400
Marin County $1,089,300
Los Angeles County $1,089,300

Property Taxes in California

In California, VA buyers must also consider property taxes. Certain exemptions are available to VA buyers.

Veterans who own a limited property, such as $5,000 for a single person or $10,000 for a couple, may qualify for an exemption of up to $4,000 in value. A veteran may be eligible for a property tax exemption of up to $150,000 for their primary residence.

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