How to Budget When You Are A Military Spouse

How to Budget When You Are A Military Spouse

Are you a wife of a Military Man? It would be a proud feeling for you to be a spouse of a military person. It’s a myth that you only enjoy your life before marriage. Instead, you will enjoy and have fun after marriage and make it more exciting and fun-loving for your special one as well. Few of the additional responsibility as a couple comes on your shoulder. Among many responsibilities, one is to manage the house budget in a friendly way. As a couple, if you find it a complicated process, then this article is for you. I completely understand you when you were single, you were only responsible for your personal financial needs, but now you need to consider the needs, wants, and requirements of your better half.

Start With Basics

Before you begin to plan out your budget with your partner, you both must understand the financial habits, goals, and desires of each other. The next step is to know how to move ahead with the approach of money. A good understanding needs to be build up among both of you; both must understand the different living styles no matter good or bad. It’s an essential part; therefore, both need to be honest with each other. Knowing each other will always make your life easier and happy to proceed further. Being a wife, you can make a positive experience for both as a team, and you both will have a good financial start altogether. 

Determine the Household Needs

Being a house lady, it is your responsibility to check on the house’s essential needs and requirements. The expenses you need to consider are rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, groceries, car payments, and debt payments. Still, if you face difficulty paying any of the above expenses, you can haveactive-duty military loans to get financial support.

Create Long term Goals

It is crucial and essential to set long-term goals for the right living as a couple. The long term goals will help you decide on many things such as starting the family, buying the house or planning retirement, or accomplishing the dream vacation. When you have specific goals set for yourself, you start working towards it and stick to a more manageable monthly budget. 

When you have set goals in mind of saving the funds, it is a challenging task but to justify the overspending regularly is easy. Create a Plan by listing the number of debts, make actual savings your goal, and also figure out the tax-advantaged retirement to start contributing accordingly.

Should You Combine Finances?

A big question when it comes to budgeting as a couple is should have to combine finances or not. The positive side of combining the finances is that a fair amount goes to a bigger pot from both persons. Spending and expenses are divided among each other when you sperate the finances. In the case of sperate finances, it doesn’t let anyone feel the burden. With a different approach, each person has their accounts and savings. Some couples also follow the hybrid approach where joint account for household expenses and other shared goals for a dream holiday. 


The budget should never be undue stress in your relationship. When you have begun exploring the finances and living a better life together, it’s best to establish good habits at the early stage. It will only help you in staying away from serious disagreements. 

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