How be Will the future after the break of Dominating Tech Giants?

How be Will the future after the break of Dominating Tech Giants?

How be Will the future after the break of Dominating Tech Giants?

Over political party identification, Americans are pretty persistent about breaking up Big Tech companies. The poll shows that on the more extreme ends of both the left and the right, there is more interest in this matter.

Tech corporations have come under heavy examination, seemingly from every angle, as of late. 

The proposals to break up Big Tech are just scaling up—and they’re coming from both sides of the political corridor. 

Nearly two-thirds of Americans support the break up of big tech companies, Amazon, Facebook, and Google. They think its a good idea as the content they’re showing people is ranked mostly on whether the company is making money off of it or not. The result of the poll isn’t very shocking as the politicians on either side are ramping up their inspection of Big Tech. 

Proponents make a factual point here saying that, how much we’ve come to rely on big tech companies? 

Google and Facebook have blended into our daily lives: The web statistic says that on average, a person conducts 3 to 4 Google searches and spends approximately 35 minutes on Facebook every day. We may be uncomfortable with the power of tech firms, but most of us voluntarily sign away our rights to get access to a service.

On the contrary, Opponents believe that a presidential contender, says companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google have high power over our economy, society, and democracy. 

In addition to it, even President Trump has said that something is going on in terms of monopoly, and it’s a bad situation.

They worry about the size of personal data the tech giants own and the way these companies have over their lives. Facebook has 2.4 billion active monthly users. Amazon accounts for nearly 40 percent of all e-commerce spending in America. Google gets more than 92 percent of global search engine inquiries.


If the government is truly serious about tearing up these companies, the hearings and examinations already began, and then they would have to prove they violate antitrust laws.

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  • L. Manning
    Posted at 03:42h, 11 January Reply

    It’s pretty apparent that GOOGLE and FACEBOOK are monopolies. How much investigation is needed to prove this???

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