Homosexual parenting: A threat to society or a challenging task?

Homosexual parenting: A threat to society or a challenging task?

June 26, 2015, became historic for the US when same-sex marriage was declared legal in all the fifty states. Not only that, but the US Supreme Court also required states to honor out-of-state same-sex marriage licenses. To be able to choose your happiness whether it fits into the ordinary or not is a blessing. Well, no matter if a relationship is heterosexual or homosexual, the basis of all is how far we are comfortable carrying ourselves with our partners. Falling into the parameters of essential human nature and keeping the sexual/romantic preferences aside, destructions and mental instability is something which could happen with anyone anytime. Obviously, if it is a marriage and if things don’t work out, there comes a term “divorce.” In the U.S. the lesbian divorce rate is much higher than the divorce rate between men.

The parenthood is also a common phenomenon in the LGBTQ community, which brings a question of raising a child in the limelight. There is no doubt that people with LGBTQ feeling go through a lot of mental health issues compared to heterosexual people. Meaning thereby, the outflow of society creates a lot of pressure on LBGTQ people which tend to affect them in various ways such as anxiety, depression, insecurity and confidence to stand out in public. Research on the psychology of sacred institution showed that they consider same-sex marriage as a threat to the society and they are even ready to argue that kids raised by same-sex parents have a performance issue on a variety of sectors.

On account of that, what it’s like to raise a child in same-sex marriage? The issue is the comparison and not the actual execution of what works best for them. Comparing the parenting style and parameters quite often lead to destruction towards understanding how family works.

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Some authors have classified key actions towards the parenthood. Women whether single, straight, lesbian or having a partner are going to raise a child the way she is supposed to be as a mother, meaning at this moment, women who parent without men tend to connect and build healthy interactions with their child in a quality manner. In this case, two moms sound like a good sign for children. When it comes to boys (specifically) raised without father (no matter the sexuality of mother), tend to score same as boys with heterosexual parents in masculinity scales, but their score in femininity scales is higher. This makes it clear that sons (without father) achieve greater gender flexibility. The other side of the story covers ‘girls’ raised without father, so in that case also they are likely to score just as same as a girl would do in heterosexual-parent families. Also, when it comes to connecting with parents, researchers have found that children raised by two moms are likely to be sensitive with a sensibility which makes them tolerant of gender non-conformity in others. Also, encourages them to interact about emotional issues with parents.

There is no evidence to be traced on account of disadvantages towards children of lesbian or gay parents compared to heterosexual parents.

What is your opinion? Do you support the legalization of same-sex marriage?


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