Homeless Veterans’ Grant and Daily Allowance Programs

Homeless Veterans’ Grant and Daily Allowance Programs

The homeless veteran’s daily allowance and grant program is designed to help non-profit and government organizations set up and run supportive service centers and housing to cater for the needs of homeless veterans. Vans used to conduct outreach or transport homeless veterans can be purchased using the grant funds.

Since the program’s beginnings in the 1994 financial year, over 400 grants have been awarded to state and local government agencies and to service providers who are either faith or community based. Up to 50 states of Native American tribal governments and the Columbia district have also been part of the grant disbursement.

The program has reached an upward of 20,000 homeless veterans who are provided with supportive housing with more than 10,000 beds availed annually. Institutions with programs that offer supportive housing services for a period of up to 24 months, or offer service centers with case management, crisis intervention, education and counseling services are qualified to apply for the program.

Two levels of funding are applicable in the program: the grant fund level and the daily allowance level.


The funds are limited to a maximum of 65% of the costs needed to cover renovation, construction building acquisition or use in providing the services or for use as a transitional home for the homeless veterans. VA property can be renovated, but not acquired. Since VA offers 65% cost cover, the remaining 35% should be obtained from other suitable sources. The grant funds are not to be used to cover the costs of salaries or operations.


Institutions which have applied for grants will be given first priority in the awarding of the daily allowance. Daily allowances can be offered without the grant fund application, but this is only during special occasions when an announcement for daily allowances is published in the register of the federal government. Costs needed to cover salaries and operations may be deducted from the daily allowance funds.

A maximum of $30 is payable to supportive housing under this level. If the rent does not go beyond 30% of the veteran’s monthly net income, then he can be asked to pay for the supportive housing. Other reasonable fees may also be charged for services that are not covered by the daily allowance funds.

The maximum hourly daily allowance ratio for a service center that is not connected with supportive housing is an eighth of the daily care cost, this cost being an amount that does not exceed VA’s current State Home ratio for home care. The veterans are not to pay for more than 8 hours in a service center in any day.

  • Nichole Foster
    Posted at 16:19h, 25 August Reply

    Looking to help homeless veterans with housing. I need more grant information if possible.

  • Carlos m velez
    Posted at 16:35h, 16 November Reply

    Need help disable vet no food, money, gas etc in despair.claim with Va..taking too long!! Ex federal employee. .bills overdue..mental patient..

  • Carlos m velez
    Posted at 16:31h, 16 November Reply

    I had an accident while working at the Va.became disabled.claim un process.social security is only income.not enough to pay debts.right now, no food, money, gas money. At the end of the rope. Need help .asked nist everybody for help..no luck. Un despair.please help .

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