Free Educational And Vocational Counseling for Military Service Members

Free Educational And Vocational Counseling for Military Service Members


Brief about free educational and vocational counselling for military members

Till the time you are not discharged from your active duty and you are a member of military service with half year or you were discharged not before 12, you will qualify for the educational and vocational counselling.

Criteria to qualify for this:-

Following needs to be fulfilled by you to qualify for educational and vocational services:-

  • VA administers a program under that you will qualify for educational benefits if you are veteran or dependent.
  • If less than 12 months ago, in an honorable state you got discharged from your active duty.
  • If you are left with less than 6 months to be released from your duty and presently you are on active duty.

Advantages of counselling services:-

Because of many reasons you can get advantage by counselling if you are a former service member or you are going to transition from your duty. In your counseling sessions what is discussed can be determined by you. Nevertheless, in this counselling you can understand about your power or strength and your weakness, You can be aware about yourself that what is your interest and what not, what are the possibilities of training and opportunities of career, from where and how you can get the financial help and to get success in that what plan you should follow. So many different things you can get from counselling as:-

  • Help in creating a successful program
  • An employment, educational and training program can be developed
  • Defining test results and look for potential objectives
  • For career choices in civil and military services decision making
  • You can find out personal problems which are interfering in your goals on education and employment

Process to apply for educational and vocational counselling:-

U.S. office of veteran’s affairs handles the counselling services. The application of educational and vocational counselling can be downloaded and filled. After completing this application, you can submit it to the closest U.S. department of veteran affairs office. After receiving DD 214, you have to attach a photocopy of it with your application either you are a dependent of veteran or yourself on active duty.

Availability and cost of counselling services:

You have to pay your own conveyance or travel but educational and vocational counselling services are free of cost if you qualify for it. It can only be joined in U.S. and not in any other country other than Republic of Philippines because it is not available elsewhere.


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