Floyd Died Of Restraint And Compression By The Police: Medical Experts- Derek Chauvin Trial

Derek Chauvin Trial

Floyd Died Of Restraint And Compression By The Police: Medical Experts- Derek Chauvin Trial

The Derek Chauvin Trial is on its second week of trial and several studies and testimonies have reported that Floyd died of how the police restrained him.

While the defense claims that the reason for death was a drug overdose and his underlying health conditions, Dr. Martin Tobin said that fentanyl was not the cause of his death. It might have been a part but not the cause of the death. He further said that even a healthy person would have died in place of the “sick” George.

Dr. Lindsey Thomas, a forensic pathologist, said that the activities of the police officials resulted in Floyd’s death.

Derek Chauvin was clearly filmed kneeling upon the African-American George Floyd for more than nine minutes.

Moreover, in contrast to the defense, who was stating that Mr. Floyd died of fentanyl and the drug methamphetamine overdose,  Dr. Bill Smock, an expert in forensic emergency medicine, said that the victim displayed the symptoms of air hunger- a condition where the body becomes desperate for oxygen.

According to the reports, a patient suffering from a fentanyl overdose would not crave oxygen. Rather they would feel drowsy. However, Floyd was quite alert and was filmed complaining about how he is not able to breathe.

According to Dr. Thomas, who reviewed Floyd’s autopsy and other medical reports stated, “This is not a case of a sudden cardiac attack.” According to her, Floyd died because both his heart and lungs stopped working because of the lack of oxygen. He was unable to breathe because three officers were on top of him and he was lying in a prone position, which stopped his lungs from expanding and made it more difficult to breathe.

When asked about any possibility that Floyd’s death could be the result of an overdose, she clearly stated that the cause of George Floyd’s death is the use of excessive force on the victim.


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