How Do You Reduce or Cancel Your SGLI Coverage?

A form SGLV 8286, Service members' Group Life Insurance Election and Certificate must be filed and completed with your uniformed service if you wish to cancel or reduce your SGLI. Your election will become immediately effective if, on the very first day of your duty, you cancel or reduce your SGLI.

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How do I get evaluated for nursing home care?

At first, you must enroll to receive the benefits in case a VA health care facility has never seen you. Then you must enroll yourself in a primary care clinic and inquire about an evaluation of your health for a nursing home care.

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What is the difference in a BDD claim and a Quick Start claim?

Service members should have about 60-180 days left on their active duty period and they should also be able to finish all the inspections before leaving the separation point in order to take part in the BDD (Benefits Delivery at Discharge) program. The members in service who have about 1-59 days remaining in active duty can get Quick Start claims.

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