Everything You Need to Know About VA Loan Appraisal

Everything You Need to Know About VA Loan Appraisal

VA loan appraisal is an assessment conducted by the VA to determine the actual cost of the property. While many dread the result of an appraisal, with the right documents and knowledge, getting approved by an appraiser is actually quite easy. 

Here’s a detailed analysis of the VA loan appraisal.



VA appraisals are assessments conducted by a VA appraiser to determine the actual worth of the house and ensure that the property is safe for living. 

After choosing the house you’ll be living in, the VA will send a VA appraiser to conduct the VA loan appraisal. In addition to estimating the desired loan amount, they will also ensure that the property meets all the Minimum Property Requirements (MPRs) defined by the department. 

You will get your quote for whatever is less- the determined value or the selling cost. 



As stated above, a VA loan appraisal calculates the actual worth of the property selected and ensures the house meets all the MPRs.


More on MPRs

Minimum Property Requirements (MPRs) are certain measures the VA follows to ensure the house is safe for living. Here are a few MPRs the house must meet to qualify for a VA loan-

  • The property must be a ready-to-sale marketable entity.
  • The house must have enough space for living, sleeping, cooking, bathing etc.
  • The house must have access to a private/public street.
  • The access to the backyard must not be through another living unit.
  • The house must be free from termite infestation.
  • The house must have a suitable drainage system that prevents ponding of water on-site.
  • The house must be free from any hazardous waste.




What if the appraised amount is less than the selling price?

If the appraised amount is less than the selling cost of the home, you can do either of the following-

  • You can ask the seller to negotiate the price.
  • You can ask the VA to reconsider the appraisal amount.
  • You can pay the extra as a downpayment.
  • You can walk away from the purchase and choose the property that is under your budget.


What to do if some repairs have been ordered?

If the house does not meet all the MPRs, the VA can either call for some repairs or reject the house. 

In case of repairs, get them done as soon as possible. After conducting the necessary repairs, the final VA loan appraisal will ensure all the MPRs are met. 



No, appraisals are not home inspections. Meaning, the VA will not be responsible if the house comes with damages. 

So, it is recommended to conduct a home inspection first before applying for a VA loan appraisal. 

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