This is a tale of two Djiboutis: one is a beautiful mirage telling a story of growth, development, and prosperity for all. The truth is a stark contrast, rampant with hunger, poverty, joblessness, and disease.

Those who create the facade want us to believe that those in power were elected in a fair and democratic system.

Unfortunately, the true story of Djibouti is one of corruption and authoritarianism amidst protests, criticism, and boycott. For over two decades, President Ismail Omar Guelleh has stayed in power by means of farcical elections. In April 2021, he intends to continue this pattern.

You can help us stop him and reverse the decay of democracy in Djibouti.

Helping the people of Djibouti achieve true freedom through fair, transparent elections doesn’t just help the local population, it sends a message that oppression and authoritarianism no longer have a place on our planet.

Your Donations Will Send 12 Decorated US Veterans to Djibouti to Administer Fair Elections

Our plan requires more than awareness of the stark political realities of Djibouti. To ensure their first clean election in decades, we plan to send 12 decorated US veterans to Djibouti. These energetic, committed thought leaders will act as self-appointed poll watchers, patrolling the election process to prevent voter fraud or intimidation as well ensure a fair and equal chance to all candidates willing to contest in the elections. Theirs is not to influence the outcome of the election in favor of any candidate, but simply to allow the people of Djibouti to safely and confidently cast a ballot for the candidate they truly believe in.

Know About Djibouti:

A jumble of myths and realities entwine the country of Djibouti. Known for its commercially strategic location on the east African coast and for hosting several foreign military bases, Djibouti is also home to a vastly suffering population who demand justice and equity.

The Wounded Warriors:

With the devotion and gallantry that they once defended their country, veterans of Djibouti have accepted the responsibility to steer their nation back from dictatorship to democracy, even when confronted with death, disease or distance.

The 2nd Republic:

The breakdown of democratic institutional safeguards, tampering of constitution, and disregard of rights and freedom of citizens and critics by falsely elected leaders who pursue their personal agendas has pressed upon us the dawning of the 2nd Republic of Djibouti.


Heroes are those men who are willing to give up their lives to give life to something bigger than oneself. Help us to protect the interests of veterans of Djibouti who are working tirelessly, often beyond their call of duty to protect our world and make it a better place.


For its strategic geopolitical location and relative stability in a volatile Horn of Africa neighborhood, the Republic of Djibouti located at the mouth of the Red Sea, attracts considerable international economic interests and hosts significant foreign military bases. Yet, the world knows little about the internal Djiboutian crisis categorized by centralization of power, curbing of personal freedom and zero tolerance to dissent and opposition. The veiled face of an autocratic regime that masquerades in Djibouti under the garb of democracy stands to be unmasked with the commitment and dedication of its veterans fighting for the power of the people.


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