Costs of Tricare Extra Plan

Tricare Extra Plan

Costs of Tricare Extra Plan

Find out the total costs you can incur under the TRICARE Extra plan, such as those for using ambulance services, inpatient mental health treatment

Find out the total costs you can incur under the TRICARE Extra plan, such as those for using ambulance services, inpatient mental health treatment, neonatal care, laboratory and x-ray and more.

Tricare Extra is the fee-for-service option that allows beneficiaries to choose their own service provider; the costs incurred in this particular plan are similar to those incurred in the Standard option. It is cheaper but requires payments for services that are not covered under the insurance plan.

The TRICARE Extra option is the least expensive plan of all the plans offered under TRICARE, just like Tricare Standard. The Extra plan cost does not charge any monthly premium payments nor does it require any kind of fees to register in the plan in the first place. However, there is an annual deductible (the amount you must pay from your own money and which is not reimbursed by insurance, before coverage can officially begin). In addition to this there is also cost-sharing or co-payments (co-payments are costs which are not receivable through insurance coverage); it is the amount that must be paid to the doctor for any kind of service that is sought.

In addition, a yearly “catastrophic cap” puts a limit on how much a family has to pay directly out of their own pockets for services sought. These amounts vary depending on the status of the military sponsor (Active Duty, Guard/Reserve or Retired). Furthermore, cost sharing is based on the type of care you seek and also the type of service provider that you go to (network or non-network). Some examples of costs incurred under the TRICARE Extra plan include:

Cost of TRICARE Extra plan include:

  • For ambulances service, you must pay 15% of the negotiated service charges.
  • For inpatient mental health charges, a total of $25 needs to be paid daily.
  • For inpatient treatment while being admitted into the hospital, a minimum of $25 needs to be paid daily.
  • Similarly, for neonatal care, $25 is the minimum daily charge.
  • Laboratory and X-Ray service charges are 15% of the overall service fees.
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  • Billy T. Marshall
    Posted at 02:37h, 10 November Reply

    I have been enrolled in TFL for over 20 years. I have been told that I now have to register annually and pay a fee to continue with the TFL plan. Is this correct i:information?

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