Can CBD Be A Helpful Pal Against Memory Loss?

Can CBD Be A Helpful Pal Against Memory Loss?

Memory is a gift that we can’t afford to lose. 

There are various reasons why people suffer from memory loss, so it is essential to look at each reason separately with regards to how CBD could affect it. Many veterans have experienced memory associated problems due to combat exposure and head injuries.

Let’s look at some of the common conditions associated with memory loss.

Degenerative Diseases and CBD

Some people suffer from memory loss because of a degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. There is growing medical evidence that hints that CBD can be helpful for the reduction of neuroinflammation, oxygen build-up, and protect from brain cell decline as well as having other positive effects on the brain.

In fact, research shows that CBD not only helps to protect brain cells from declining but can also help them to regenerate. Hence, CBD has the potential to be very useful for people who are suffering from life-debilitating degenerative diseases such as these.

Trauma and CBD

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) has become a menacing problem in our country. Statistics show that most people experience at least one traumatic event during their life. These can be wide-ranging – from sexual abuse in childhood to living through a single traumatic event to serving in war zones. The brain sometimes tries to naturally cope with these traumatic events through memory loss and problems concentrating.

In many ways, research is showing that CBD could be useful for people who are suffering from PTSD, from helping to reduce anxiety to help with sleep.

Inflammation in the brain is also a factor when people get physical brain injuries, and researchers believe that CBD has strong anti-inflammatory qualities.

Lack of Focus and CBD

People who suffer from conditions such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can also experience some memory loss. The reason behind this is many people with ADHD have low levels of dopamine – a chemical in the brain that is linked with reward, motivation, and memory, and studies show that CBD can be useful in increasing levels of dopamine in the brain.

Can CBD help with memory enhancement?

We would all love to find a magic pill that can make us remember things better. However, CBD or cannabis isn’t that magic pill. Although CBD might not be able to help you remember everything, it can certainly help to get people into the right frame of mind for learning and memory.

Through its anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) properties, CBD helps people stay mentally healthy and in the best position to learn and remember. By regulating the levels of dopamine and the levels of other chemicals in the brain, CBD can be quite effective in keeping the mind working at a high level.

Trying CBD for memory

  • CBD can affect how your body metabolizes certain medications – including some that are used to treat psychological issues. It is absolutely necessary that you speak to your doctor before trying CBD, especially if you are taking any sort of medication. It is also important that if you start taking CBD, you make your doctor aware if they are prescribing your medication.
  • Everybody has a different body and reacts in different ways to CBD. The dosage that you might need to kick in the right effects for you most probably won’t be the same as someone else that you know. This is why always start off with a very low dose and gradually increase it to find the right dose.
  • Although CBD is safe and non-addictive, it can have some side effects such as a dry mouth, fatigue, or change in appetite. These side effects aren’t damaging long term, and no-one has ever died from a CBD overdose.

Final Word

When it comes to how CBD affects memory, the result looks promising. It is important to note that CBD is quite different from THC in the way that it affects the brain. However, it seems that CBD certainly has the potential to begin changing lives when it comes to memory.

Are you a veteran using CBD? We would love to know more about your experience in the comments below.

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