Can Any Veteran Get Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI)?

Can Any Veteran Get Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI)?

Veterans can get VGLI coverage without many hurdles to jump through, although the rates get higher for older applicants. The Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance program, or SGLI, offers very low term life insurance premiums to active-duty service members. Once they leave the military, the Veteran’s Group Life Insurance program, or VGLI, kicks in. VGLI provides lifelong term insurance coverage as long as you pay the premiums.

What is VGLI?

Veteran Group Life Insurance (VGLI) is a policy option available to former service members enrolled in Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI). It is open to retiring and separated military members as a replacement policy.

What are the benefits of VGLI?

  • As long as the veteran pays the premiums, coverage is a lifetime.
  • Upon application within 240 days of your separation, you won’t have to answer any medical questions.
  • Upon application within 240 days of separation, there will be no exclusion “for reasons related to mental health, PTSD, or TBI.”
  • There are no exclusions based on occupation or other risk factors.
  • Premium rates are the same regardless of gender, smoking status, etc.
  • An increase in coverage of up to $400,000 every five years
  • VGLI can be converted to a civilian policy if desired

Who can get VGLI? (qualifications of Veterans)

The following criteria must be met by an applicant to be eligible:

  • An active-duty veteran with SGLI who is within one year and 120 days of being discharged after 31 days or more of active duty has SGLI.
  • As a National Guard or Reserve member, the service member had part-time Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance. They sustained an injury or disability while on duty, including direct travel to and from duty-that disqualified the veteran for standard insurance premiums.
  • There has been less than a year since the member retired or was released from the reserves or national guard.
  • Inactive National Guard members or members of the United States Public Health Service Inactive Reserve Corps are within a year and 120 days assigned to the Individual Ready Reserves or the Inactive National Guard.
  • The service member will be placed on the Temporary Disability Retirement List in a year and 120 days.

How to Enroll for VGLI?

There is a limited time to sign up for VGLI – there is no open-ended enrollment option. Apply for post-military life insurance within one year and 120 days of your separation date.

It seems like a lot of time, but there is an excellent reason not to delay.

To be approved for VGLI, you will not need to answer health questions if you apply 240 days after your date of separation.

Veterans Affairs advises that if you are suffering from any of the following health problems, it may be impossible to obtain private life insurance coverage at standard rates–another reason to sign up within 240 days.

  • Visit the Prudential website to apply for VGLI through the Office of Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (OSGLI)
  • VA eBenefits can be applied for online
  • Use the Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (SGLV 8714) to apply by mail or fax.
  • The form can be faxed to 800-236-6142 or mailed to

What coverage does VGLI provide?

VGLI coverage options are similar to what servicemembers are offered upon entering the military. Life insurance coverage amounts range from $10,000 to $400,000. The amount of VGLI coverage you had depended on the amount of SGLI coverage you had when you retired.

With VGLI, you have the opportunity to increase your coverage over time. You can increase your range by $25,000 every five years until you reach a maximum of $400,000. There is a maximum of $400,000.

At the first anniversary of your VGLI plan, you can also increase your VLGI coverage. The maximum coverage increase is $25,000.


Veterans who do not qualify for private life insurance should consider Veterans’ Group Life Insurance. Term life insurance is the best option for veterans who need more coverage or lower rates.

Military personnel typically have a life insurance policy, and they have a few choices when it comes to continuing coverage after leaving the armed forces. Veterans can usually convert their Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) policy into a Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (VGLI) policy, purchase life insurance from a private insurer, or convert their SGLI or VGLI policy into private life insurance.

The VGLI offers guaranteed approval for 240 days after you leave active duty, but there are limitations. There is a maximum death benefit of $400,000. Veterans with complex medical conditions cannot always afford private term life insurance, which offers benefits up to several million dollars and competitive pricing. An agent at Policygenius can help you select the right life insurance policy for your needs.

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