Boulder Shoot Out- 10 People Dead, Confirms Colorado Police Department

Boulder Shoot Out

Boulder Shoot Out- 10 People Dead, Confirms Colorado Police Department

Followed by the mass shooting in Atlanta spa areas, another similar attack has been reported in the American city of Colorado. According to the officials, a gunman entered King Soopers Grocery Market and killed ten people. Out of these ten victims, one was a 51-year-old police officer, Eric Talley, who was the first to suspect the shooting.

The grocery store is located on a busy route in North Colorado City.

According to  Michael Dougherty, the area’s attorney, ” This is a tragedy and nightmare for Boulder County. People were shot for buying a bag of chips.”

Officials have neither declared any relevant information about victims nor the motive behind the act has been released.

According to the insights, this incident took place on Monday at 14:30. While the shoppers were busy shopping, they heard gunshots and had to find cover. A passer-by recorded this incident and the victims lying near the grocery store. While the cameraman managed to get out of the store in time, some could not make it.

The video is published on youtube and portrays the police arriving on the scene.

The police department advised the people to avoid the area and asked them not to broadcast any information without proper authenticity.

According to a customer, Sarah Moonshadow, she and her son were at the checkout when they heard the gunshots. While she tried to help the victims lying helplessly on the streets, her son pulled her away and said, “we have to go”.

Ariel footage recorded by the CCTV recorded a shirtless man with an injured leg being carried by the cops in handcuffs.

At a press conference, Boulder police chief Maris Herold declared that the suspect is under custody while reassuring the community that they are safe. Names of victims will not be realized until all the relatives have been informed.


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