Birmingham Park Shooting- 1 Person Dead and 5 Severely Injured

Birmingham Park Shooting

Birmingham Park Shooting- 1 Person Dead and 5 Severely Injured

A shooting incident in a local park of Birmingham left a 32 year old woman dead and five people severely injured. Reportedly, a majority of the surviving victims were juveniles.

According to the police officials, this shooting incident happened at W.C. Patton Park at 7 p.m on Easter Sunday.

The 32 year old slain woman was reportedly shot in the head while she was in the backseat of a car. Along with the woman, other surviving victims are 21, 17, 16, 15 and 4 years old. The 16-year old boy was shot from behind while another woman victim was shot in the chest.

As reported by Birmingham police Sgt. Rod Mauldin, the Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service immediately brought three out of the five victims to the nearby hospital. The remaining victims arrived on private transport to receive medical assistance. The officials also reported that two victims were seriously injured while one was critical. However, Mauldin later announced that all the surviving victims are stable for now.

Officials investigating this incident believe that a tension among a group of males escalated this tragedy and several gunshots were fired.

There were around 1000 people in the park, celebrating Easter and spending quality time with their families. An eyewitness said that two women were sitting on a Dodge Charger when someone opened fire.

Followed by a gunshot, other bystanders started shooting in different directions and people started running and leaving. This delayed the arrival of police and medical assistance.

According to a witness, “People didn’t even know what they were shooting at”. She also added that she heard around 100 gunshots. Mauldin concluded that most of the victims were just innocent bystanders, trying to enjoy their day, grilling and eating with their families.

Along with expressing his frustration with gun violence, Mauldin is asking people to step out with any valuable information about this incident which might help officials identify the suspects.



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