Biden Supports his Decision of Military Pull-out from Afghanistan

Military withdrawal from Afghanistan

Biden Supports his Decision of Military Pull-out from Afghanistan

During a White House speech, US President Joe Biden defended his decision to withdraw the military from Afghanistan. Biden, who is the fourth president in support of a speedy withdrawal from Afghanistan, also stated that the deadline for withdrawal is August 31.

The US forces have continued to fight in Afghanistan for two long decades, followed by the 9/11 attack in 2001.

Though Biden initially announced that all US troops would withdraw from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021, he changed the deadline to August 31.

Biden’s speech came as a response to the Taliban groups who continue to seize the territory around the country.

Former President Donald Trump agreed with the militant group to pull out American forces by May 2021; however, Biden extended the matter after taking over the office.

In the speech, Biden said, “just one more year of fighting in Afghanistan is not a solution, but a recipe for fighting there indefinitely.” He also denied that Taliban invasion is inevitable as the group consists of only 75,000 fighters, which is no match for Afghanistan’s 300,000 security forces.

After the withdrawal, about 650-1000 troops will remain in Afghanistan to guard major government installations like the US embassy and Kabul airport.

Biden also added that about 2500 special immigrant visas would be issued to all the Afghans who worked for the US government. This would allow them to flee their country and live safely in the US.

Last month, Biden assured Afghan leaders that though the US troops are withdrawing from their country, they will always have America’s support.

After the military withdrawal, the Afghan government will be in total in charge of national security. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani stated that the national military is enough to keep Taliban militants at bay. However, despite the constant reassurance, thousands of Afghan troops have tried to seek refuge in other countries to avoid fighting.



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