Biden Government Issued Measures To Tighten Cyber Security

Biden Government Issued Measures To Tighten Cyber Security

Followed by the recent Colonial Pipeline hack, America’s largest pipeline for refined oil products, President Joe Biden has issued an order to tighten cyber defense across the country. Reportedly, this order requires all the government facilities to carry out certain measures within the suggested deadline.

Though the decision was expected to come earlier, the Colonial Pipeline’s recent hacking made Biden finally sign these measures.

The Colonial Pipeline authority said that the market might suffer due to the shortage of supplies as it might take a few days to come back on track.

However, they also assured that they would supply petrol, diesel and fuels as much as they could. According to recent reports, the Colonial Pipeline was attacked by a cyber gang- Dark Side, which disrupted the entire system.

The company was also asked to pay millions of dollars as ransom to prevent a data leak by the hackers. Responsible for 45% of fuel supply in the East Coast, states like South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia, the cyber attack on Colonial Pipeline left consumers panic-stricken. Many people were seen filling fuels in plastic bags.

As per the order issued by the Biden authority, all government departments must adopt multi-process login systems within 180 days. They were also asked to use “cloud” or “zero-trust” servers and designate all unclassified data that could be too sensitive to be kept in normal storage. The order also states that cyber-security vendors must report any intrusion within 72 hours. Several reports claim that since December, America has seen three worst cyber attacks.

The Colonial Pipeline was, reportedly, attacked by the Russian-based gang called DarkSide. Another Russian gang was responsible for the infamous SolarWinds attack earlier in 2020.


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