Biden Administration Launches Efforts to Help Deported Veterans


Biden Administration Launches Efforts to Help Deported Veterans

On Friday, the Biden Administration announced its plan to bring thousands of deported Veterans and their family members back to the US. The administration states that their removal failed to live up to our highest values.

According to the reports, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas asked immigration agencies to take steps to bring back the Veterans and family members who were deported. He also said that all the pending deportation proceedings for Veterans and their family members would be halted.

All non-citizen Vets and family members eligible for US citizenship will be brought back to the US.

In a statement, Mayorkas stated, “The Department of Homeland Security recognizes the profound commitment and sacrifice that service members and their families have made to the United States of America. We are committed to bringing back military service members, veterans, and their immediate family members who were unjustly removed and ensuring they receive the benefits to which they may be entitled.”

While campaigning for presidential elections, Biden promised that he would stop targetting immigrants and non-Citizen vets, something that Trump Administration was known for.

After being deported, Veterans lose their military benefits, including health care.

While few Veterans have returned to the country in recent weeks, Veteran advocates have expressed their concern as most have not yet returned.

DHS’s immigration agencies’ officials also stated that all the policies related to Veteran deportation would be reviewed and the country will soon welcome all the deported Veterans. The agencies will also work with the VA and Defence Department to ensure that all Veterans have access to their military benefits.

Reportedly, the DHS will also establish a Military Resource Center, which would have a toll-free number and e-mail address to help the returning Veterans and their family members navigate their benefits.

VA Secretary Denis McDonough also expressed his opinion. He said, “It’s our responsibility to serve all veterans as well as they have served us — no matter who they are, where they are from, or the status of their citizenship. Keeping that promise means ensuring that non-citizen service members, veterans, and their families are guaranteed a place in the country they swore an oath to defend.”


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