Benefits of Tricare Pharmacy

Tricare Pharmacy Benefits

Benefits of Tricare Pharmacy

This article covers the different types of pharmacies operating under the TRICARE system and provides information about how you can go about getting your prescription filled if you are covered by a TRICARE health plan.

The TRICARE pharmacy program provides top notch pharmacy benefits to all eligible military sponsors and their families in a safe, cost effective, easy and quick manner. Beneficiaries of Tricare pharmacy include all uniformed service members, retired military men and their dependents. The program allows beneficiaries to fill their prescription medication using a number of different outlets. These outlets include pharmacies at military treatment facilities, pharmacies at all TRICARE network retailers, and also at non-authorized network pharmacies. Furthermore with the initiation of the TRICARE pharmacy home delivery option, it is now possible to get medication refills from within the comfort of your own home and without any additional costs.

TRICARE’s long standing generic drug policy, enables beneficiaries to fill up on generic prescriptions if available. As is the case with most prescription drug plans, TRICARE beneficiaries can avail significant cost effective charges by asking their medical supervisor to prescribe generic drugs in the place of branded medications if available. Further, the pharmacy program allows for several convenient ways to fill out prescription medications depending on an individual’s needs and requirements. Based on specific situations, pharmacy needs can be met at any of the following:

TRICARE Pharmacy needs can be met at any of the following:

  • Military Treatment Facilities Pharmacy: A comparatively cheap option with no payments to be made personally.
  • TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery Plan: Safe, convenient and the most cost-effective option especially when a military pharmacy is not located at a convenient distance.
  • TRICARE Network Service Provider Pharmacy: With more than 60,000 functional pharmacies worldwide, this is the most fast and efficient method.
  • Non-Network Pharmacy: Given the unauthorized nature of the pharmacies, chances are this will cost you higher than other options.

Since TRICARE is a global initiative all services can be acquired worldwide with a few exceptions which are only limited to the United States. Furthermore, there is no need to file pharmacy claims if prescriptions are filled out at military pharmacies. In addition to this, claims are not required when utilizing the TRICARE Pharmacy home delivery service or when using a TRICARE network retail pharmacy. The home delivery service option is the least expensive one overall, and active duty service members and their dependents do not have to pay any costs at all.

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