Benefits of Tricare Extra Plan

Tricare Extra Plan Benefits

Benefits of Tricare Extra Plan

Do you see yourself or a family member meeting the criteria of a non-active duty military beneficiary? This article covers information on a fee for service payment health care plan devised especially for you.

TRICARE Extra is one of the available options/plans under the TRICARE umbrella which is a health care initiative provided by the United States military. TRICARE Extra provides coverage for all essential yet minimum health care requirements as ordained under the Affordable Care Act. Under this particular plan, you get to choose and consult with any Tricare authorized provider whether it is part of the network or not. This plan is built on the fee for service payment model. It means that medical services provided are not contingent upon payments, which are paid separately. This is beneficial because it guarantees that the quality of health care provided does not rest upon the receiver’s ability to pay. It encourages physicians to give better care and treatments.

Furthermore, Tricare Extra is a plan developed purposefully for non-active duty military beneficiaries. It provides coverage and services to those military sponsors (and their dependents) who are not on active duty and are living in the United States. This means that a large and varied group of beneficiaries are able to receive health care insurance, as the latter can prove to be quite expensive, especially when paying out of pocket.

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Eligible beneficiaries of TRICARE Extra include family members of active duty servicemen, Service members who are in retirement (for any reason) and their immediate dependents and family members of activated Guard/Reserve military men. In addition to this, TRICARE Extra provides health care benefits to other members of the militia such as Guard and Reserve members who are not activated as yet and their dependents, Guard/Reserve members who have retired and their family members, Survivors of war and lastly Medal of Honor recipients and their families. In addition to this, TRICARE Extra is also able to provide coverage to certain qualified former spouses of military sponsors.

TRICARE Extra requires no additional or cumbersome paperwork in order to enroll into it, and you need not apply; As long as you are authentically registered in DEERS, you are able to access and utilize TRICARE benefits. Moreover, as opposed to other TRICARE plans, you can make an appointment with any one of the TRICARE authorized service providers. Referrals are not essential whilst seeking care. After any annual deductibles, the only fee required is the co-payment made out to your doctor.

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