Anti-Gun Violence Measures To Be Taken By Biden Government

Anti-Gun Violence

Anti-Gun Violence Measures To Be Taken By Biden Government

Biden administration will announce several measures to get rid of gun violence on Thursday. According to the reports, these measures will include regulations on firearms and a nomination of a gun-control advocate.

Followed by the disturbing tragedies of Atlanta, Colorado and Boulder, cases related to gun violence have become the top priority for the government. According to a senior administration official, people die every day because of gun violence in this country. Therefore, they are motivated enough to take out strict measures to control not only mass shootings but also community violence, domestic violence and suicide by firearm.

At an event accompanied by Attorney General Merrick Garland and other advocates, President Joe Biden announced his new directives to stricter gun laws and detect any loopholes present in the system. Biden also said that the primary focus would be on the firearms sold without any serial numbers and are sold in kits & assembled at home. He further stated his intention to issue a tentative rule to stop the proliferation of guns.

Aware of the fact that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has been without permanent directors for years, Biden will tap David Chipman — a veteran ATF special agent as his nominee.

In addition to dealing with the selling of ghost guns (guns without a serial number), these measures will also revolve around controlling gun trafficking to control community violence and scrutinize arm braces that help steady AR-15-style pistols. The Justice Department will also work towards crafting a template to identify any red flags, which would empower the judge to stop the people who are determined to cause chaos.

Biden has always expressed the importance of gun regulation in America, especially while campaigning for the Democratic elections. Moreover, the white house is yet to launch a number of rules that might deffer to a bunch of bills passed last month.


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