Anti-Asian Sentiments Are Still Prevalent In America-Source

Anti-Asian Sentiments

Anti-Asian Sentiments Are Still Prevalent In America-Source

Since the end of 2021, Stop AAPI Hate has received an estimate of 3292 cases of violence against Asian Americans. This group has been tracking violence against Asians from all 50 states and Washington.

Most of the incidents were reported through their website, making the coalition state that “Anti-Asian Sentiments are still prevalent in the country”.

The latest reports state that even though most incidents were not reported by the victims, the numbers have already reached 503 in less than two months.

According to Russell Jeung, professor of Asian American Studies at San Francisco and co-founder of Stop AAPI Hate, the victims demand concrete justice before these anti-Asian crimes become the legacy of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several studies conducted by the organization state that a majority of cases- 68% were verbal assaults, shunning cases were 20% and incidents of physical assaults reached up to 11%. Moreover, about 42% of the victims were Chinese, 14.8% were Koreans, 8.5% were Vietnamese, and 7.9% were Filipinos.

If we talk about the places where these incidents took place, most cases (35.4%) were recorded in offices, 10% at public properties like parks and 11% were reported as cases of cyberbullying.

In recent months, several advocates, celebrities and officials have raised their voices against the violent strikes recorded in New York and California.

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, President Joe Biden condemned this Anti-Asian hate in his speech. He said, “Instead of working for each other, we are dividing us. Vicious hate crimes against Asian Americans have been reported”. He also added that “While most Asian-Americans are on the front lines of the pandemic trying to save millions of lives, still they are forced to live in fear while walking down the streets in America, It’s very un-American and it must stop.”


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