An Overview of VA Disability Benefits

An Overview of VA Disability Benefits

If you are a Veteran suffering from a service-related or non-service-related disability, you might be eligible for some remarkable VA disability benefits.

Because the VA provides a long list of disability benefits, here’s an overview of these perks and how you can qualify for them-

You must satisfy the following condition to meet the basic eligibility criteria to redeem VA disability benefits –

  • You are a Veteran who has served active duty for a specific amount of time, and
  • You were discharged on a basis other than dishonor.


The following are the benefits a veteran with special needs can avail of from the VA-

Service-Related Disability Compensation

Service-related compensation is a monetary benefit available to Veterans who got injured while serving on active duty.

You can also qualify if you had a disability that got worse after serving active duty.

You can even qualify for additional VA disability benefits if you suffer from severe conditions like loss of limbs or vision.

The VA follows a rating system to provide these benefits. After applying for this VA compensation and sending the necessary paperwork, the department will assign a percentage to your condition. The percentage starts from 10% and goes up to 100%, with 100% being severely disabled.

VA Pension

Besides disability compensation, the VA also provides another monthly payment, known as VA pension. In addition to helping disabled Vets, this disability benefit also aims to assist retired or senior vets.

To qualify for VA disability benefits under VA pension, you must satisfy the following requirements-

  • You are a Veteran with low income or assets.
  • You have served at least 90 consecutive days on duty, with at least one day during wartime.
  • You are 65 or above OR suffer from a permanent or total disability.

If you are qualified to receive VA pension, you might also be eligible for programs like-

  • Aid and Assistance (A&A)
  • Housebound Program

These programs are for those senior veterans whose old age or disability affects everyday life, making them confined to nursing homes.

Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay (CRDP)

CRDP is an exceptional program that allows selected Veterans to reap both VA disability benefits- retirement benefits and disability payments.

To qualify for CRDP, you

  • Must have served 20 or years on service, and
  • Have a disability rating of 50% or above.

Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSP)

In addition to the above-stated VA disability benefits, the VA also provides compensation to retired members for combat-related injuries or disabilities.

To qualify for this benefit, you-

  • Have served at least 20 years in the military or have received a medical retirement.
  • You suffer from a combat-related ailment.
  • You have a disability rating of 10% or higher.
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