An Overview of the Fiduciary Program

An Overview of the Fiduciary Program

The VA Fiduciary Program was established and implemented as a program that protects the compensation or benefits paid to beneficiaries and veterans who cannot manage their financial affairs effectively. The people that qualify for this service are those VA beneficiaries, whether an adult or a minor, that have been determined by either a court action of legal disability or by VA as being unable to manage their financial affairs effectively.

Whenever a person that qualifies for the VA Fiduciary Program receives any VA benefits or compensation, a third party fiduciary or payee is assigned the responsibility of ensuring that beneficiary’s benefits and compensation are expended for the needs, welfare, support, and care of the beneficiary together with his or her dependents.

The mandated duty of the Fiduciary Program is to offer an oversight to the fiduciaries. Therefore, it ensures the provision of proper services for any beneficiary who seeks for the program’s protection.

  • Editor
    Posted at 16:07h, 02 March

    You can find more detailed information here:

  • Stephanie Manglona
    Posted at 08:40h, 02 March

    It’s amazing reading this section on the responsibilities because I have been my husbands fiduciary for many years. We are still married with 4 children in which 2 of them are minors. My husband is the veteran and he took a trip to Guam and was suppose to return back to Colorado. While visiting he relayed to us that his oldest son whom is 42 years old is in a financial bind and said he needed to help him. My husband was to return to Colorado in October of 2015.

    This all changed and he had no communication with me since July of 2015. Each time our children and I call it’s straight to the answering machine or he’s never home. He straight out abandoned us. He stopped his social security check to us and just recently requested for his oldest son to be the fiduciary for his VA pension. I was assigned fiduciary by his doctor here in Colorado. But I guess it’s easier now to become a fiduciary just by a visit with the veteran and him wanting yo change it.

    The Utah location just gave me a call one afternoon and told me there’s going to be a change as soon as the field inspector out of Honolulu returns and tells him how the inspection went. That same afternoon the field inspector, James Wilson, contacted me and told me that his visit went well with my husband and his son. Oh, but he did tell me that his son remained quiet throughout the visit. However, I asked if he saw my husbands living conditions and he said he lived with his son.

    I do not think that the inspector checked my husbands living conditions because his son is renting a 2 bedroom extension home upstairs from my husband’s brothers home. I know that in that 2 bedroom home that my husbands son rents there are 4 adults and 2 children living in that home not including my husband.

    I mentioned this to Mr. Wilson and he ignored me and said he’s approving for the son to be the new fiduciary regardless of what my concerns were. I asked him how can he do that when he abandoned me and the children an I have been taking care of them as well as the debts. He said that the VA does not take care of the children and spouse…..only the Veteran. Is there anyone that could please get back to me on this. I would really appreciate it. I did file for divorce and it’s still at the early stage. Mr. Wilson also told me that VA does not honor the Coloado Courts rulings for child/spousal support. I am requesting clarification on this. Thank you. ITS HARD TO BELIEVE THAT THE VETERANS AFFAIRS DOES NOT CARE ABOUT A SPOUSE AND/OR MINOR CHILDREN. IT CLEARLY STATES THAT THE FIDUCIARY PROVIDES FOR THE BENEFICIARY AND CHILDREN.???

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