About 50% of Republicans Don’t Want To Receive COVID-19 Vaccine – Source

Covid19 Vaccine

About 50% of Republicans Don’t Want To Receive COVID-19 Vaccine – Source

According to a recent survey published by CNN, about 11.5% of the American population has already received COVID-19 vaccines. Besides, millions of Americans are now eligible for vaccine shots, with nearly 2.4 million doses reaching the military department every day.


However, amid these growing numbers, a majority of the population is still reluctant to get vaccinated. 


To reach herd immunity, around 75-80% population needs to be immune from the virus so that the remaining population can be protected from the disease through vaccines and medicines.


According to a poll, about 50% of Republicans do not want to get vaccinated. While the masses are trying to de-link this anti-science belief, the cases have spiked up with the start of spring break. 


Despite constant warnings, 5.2 million people have used air travel since Thursday. Many health experts say that these spring breaks and people hanging out maskless could lead to unexpected and devastating surges. 


Moreover, with the B.1.1.7 strain being proved as more contagious than the Covid-19, health experts are requesting all Americans to follow safety measures and avoid the mistakes they made in the past. 


While the national leaders are trying their best to bring people back to normal, lack of enough doses has made some states apply some rules on who could get vaccinated. 


Not all Americans can get vaccinated right away. Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines can only be provided to people who are 16 or above. Moderna and Johnson&Johnson vaccines, on the other hand, are authorized for people over 18. 


In Alaska, people over 16 and who are working and living in the state are eligible to receive vaccine shots. In Rhode Island, vaccinations have started to reach the population over 60 and to age groups from 16-60, who suffer from any underlying health issues.

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