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Our new website completely changes the previous VA.org layout to one that provides a more modern and navigable user experience. Long-time visitors to the site need not worry: much of the previous existing content, and especially that from the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, has been saved and updated with a more visually appealing format. VA.org’s previous incarnation had a wealth of information, and was invaluable to the people who relied on the forum for their answers. You don’t have to worry about losing previously bookmarked pages—we have kept them available for you.

But the new Veterans Anonymous is more than just a fresh coat of paint. As you can see on our projects page, we have big plans for this space, and that includes updating our old content to keep up with changing policies at the VA and other organizations. Over the coming months, there will be significant rewrites of content. Every old post or Frequently Asked Question on the site will be reviewed for its accuracy, re-categorized for ease of navigation, and rewritten with content that is not only up-to-date, but also correctly researched and cited. We want to provide our users with the most credible, trustworthy information-and all available in one centralized place so that there will be no need to seek information anywhere else.

The previous website had a lot of great traffic for veterans looking for needed information, one estimate put the monthly view count for the site at between 35,000 to 45,000 views per month. These numbers were even larger on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day! That is a tremendous audience and has made for a very dedicated and passionate community. Clearly, these veterans and our other audience members saw the value of that content, made use of it, and trusted what was written. If we were able to develop that large a following under the previous format, we know that Veterans Anonymous will have value capable of attracting an even larger audience of veterans.

This latest incarnation of VA.org will focus on delivering clear and concise content, all related to obtaining veteran’s support and benefits. Throughout the duration of our redesign, our goal has been to obtain all the information that veterans, their families, and other supporters might need. Whether that consists of military regulations, links to valuable services websites, or even use of Google tools and analytics, Veterans Anonymous intends to provide its users with the best information available, and presented in a wide variety of formats so as to allow users a wide range of experiences when accessing our organization.

Most importantly, in addition to being a community and resource for veterans, Veterans Anonymous also intends to become a platform where the faces, words, and voices of those who served might be broadcast to larger audiences. Far from merely talking about veteran’s issues from a distance, VA.org will in fact hire veterans as a permanent part of its staff, and task them with drafting and publishing written content for our blog, and interacting with fellow veterans following our social networking accounts. No one but other veterans can fully understand the challenges faced by their fellow servicemen and servicewomen. Our Veterans on staff will bring with them their unique perspective on military service and readjustment into civilian life. We look forward to working alongside them and learning from them, for the experiences they face are but a small scale of what millions of veterans have faced everyday in this country.
Veterans Anonymous has seen how America’s veterans are treated by society.
Are you ready to change that?

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