A Brief on VA Disability Compensation Rates

A Brief on VA Disability Compensation Rates

VA disability compensation is the monthly tax-free amount paid by the department to disabled Veterans and their family members. Veterans who got injured on-duty or on active-duty/non-active training are eligible for this benefit. Moreover, a Veteran who was already suffering from an ailment and serving in the military made it worse is also eligible for disability pay. VA disability compensation rates depend upon the rating and the severity of the disability.


Ailments covered by VA disability and compensation are as follows-

  1. Physical ailments like severe hearing loss, cancer, chronic back pain etc.
  2. Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD and traumatic brain injury.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs determines VA disability & compensation rates on the basis of the disability rating you have been assigned. This rating ranges from 10% to 100%, with 100% being severely disabled. The VA determines your rating based on the VA and private medical records you sent to support your claim.


As stated above, your compensation will depend upon the rate of your disability. Most of the Veterans are rated as 30%-70% disabled. Being rated as 0% disabled means that a Veteran has a disability, but that disability isn’t severe enough to hinder everyday activities. However, being rated as 100% disabled means that a Veteran has a disability that is severe and hinders everyday activities.

So, your VA disability compensation & rates will depend upon your rating, even if that rating symbolizes more than one disability.

But in some cases, the applicants suffering from more than one disability might receive additional compensation on the basis of the combined rating system.

An applicant might be eligible for an additional pay if-

  • He/she has a severe disability like loss of limbs.
  • He/she is a disabled Veteran and has a spouse/dependant.
  • His/her spouse is seriously disabled.

An applicant may also receive additional pay if he/she has a child below the age of 18. Moreover, a Veteran can even show his/her compensation pay as regular means to income and qualify for a VA loan.


Disability rates vary from individual to individual. However, here’s an estimate of what your VA disability compensation might look like-

Note: The following is just an average/estimate of the rates. Actual rates might vary.

Rated as 10% (with no dependents)- $144.14

Rated as 20% (with no dependents)- $284.93

Rated as 30% disabled- $441.35-$525.35

Rated as 40% disabled- $635.77-$747.77

Rated as 50% disabled- $905.04-$1,045.04

Rated as 60% disabled- $1,146.39-$1,314.39

Rated as 70% disabled- $1,444.71-$1,640.71

Rated as 80% disabled- $1,679.35-$1,903.35

Rated as 90% disabled- $1,887.18-$2,139.18

Rated as 100% disabled- $3,146.42-$3,428.00

The above-stated VA disability compensation rates are for Veterans without children. Rates might vary in case a Veteran has one or more children.

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