95-Year-Old WWII Veteran Survives Coronavirus


95-Year-Old WWII Veteran Survives Coronavirus

In some more cheerful news, we have a 95-year-old William “Bill” Kelly, a veteran of WWII who survived the Great Depression and has now beaten the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

“I am doing well,” said Kelly. “I definitely feel terrific this morning.”

Kelly’s family supported his recovery. Kelly’s family members, along with his granddaughter Rose Etherington, and her husband, Isaac Etherington, were present with him throughout his fight.

Kelly took measures to care for himself once he saw the illness approach.

“It’s just something that you deal with as you get it. The big thing with me is that if I feel that I’m coming down with something, take good care and get help, find out what to do and do what you’re supposed to do, get plenty of rest — that sort of thing,” he said. “You generally get through it, OK. I was very fortunate that I did. I got through.”

Kelly said he had “two or three pretty tough nights and evenings where I had problems with my lower [body], my legs and my back — difficulty getting rest — because it was very uncomfortable trying to sleep. Other than that, though, you work your way through it. Do as you’re told. And I got some good help here.”

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He said his family was present to help him.

They stayed right on me,” he said. “So we worked it all through. So we’re very happy and happy to be here.

Kelly, who suffers from a heart condition and high blood pressure, experienced the first symptoms on March 15.

Kelly’s was tested for COVID-19 in a local hospital where his family took him. He was declared positive two days later and was the first person of his county with coronavirus infection.

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95-Year-Old WWII Veteran Shares Positive Message After surviving coronavirus

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