5 VA Loan Myths Debunked

VA Loan myths

5 VA Loan Myths Debunked

Policies defined by the Veteran Affairs govern VA Loans. It is a closed-knit program, and due to lack of information, many VA loan myths are prevailing around it. Today we will clarify the most common myths associated with VA Loans.


  • Myth 1 A common misconception is that VA purchase loans cannot be used for short-sale or foreclosed real estate.
  • FACT: VA home loans are approved for purchasing foreclosed and short-sale with no money down. This gives veterans an upper hand over others who must come up with at least 20% cash down to qualify for conventional loans. Trained VA appraisers will certify the value and safety and can help veterans identify shortcomings of a distressed property.  


  • VA loan Myths 2 Surviving spouses cannot take advantages of VA mortgages  
  • FACT: Veterans, active duty, and qualifying surviving spouses are fit for VA home loan benefits. Surviving spouses can borrow up to $417,000 with no money down. And, they are also exempt from paying the VA funding fee.

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  • Myth 3 Military members deployed overseas are not eligible for a VA-guaranteed loan. 
  • FACT: Military members stationed overseas can approve a document called a power of attorney or (POA) appointing a spouse or someone else to perform as on their behalf for a VA loan transaction. The POA permits the attorney in fact to sign on account of the VA-eligible borrower. The service member must provide the intent to obtain a VA loan through an email, letter, or other correspondence. Only a spouse can meet the occupancy rule (move in within 60 days of closing) in a deployed serviceperson’s stead. Otherwise, the borrower serving away from home will be given an extension of up to 12 months to occupy the home. 


  • Myth 4 – Every realtor is a qualified VA home loan advisors 
  • FACT: There isn’t a VA certification for real estate agents. Therefore, you should not trust a real estate agent for a reliable information source of a VA loan. Real estate agents who are not well-informed about VA loans can even inadvertently hinder VA-eligible borrowers from accepting the program, which may be best for them. A VA specialty lender, one whose majority product is VA-backed loans, can provide reliable VA loan facts


  • Myth 5 – VA loans closing take a lot of time.
  • FACT: With a specialized VA home loan lender, the closing can often happen within 30 days. The VA-approved lender is given the flexibility to decide on its own whether a borrower is an adequate credit risk. Even a borrower with extenuating circumstances may close quickly.
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  • AsCoronavirus
    Posted at 13:31h, 24 April Reply

    California is home to the most active duty and prior military Veterans of any state and yet, our beautiful state ranks h in the percentage of Veterans using their VA.       

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