3 Adults and 1 Minor Dead in California Shooting

California Shooting

3 Adults and 1 Minor Dead in California Shooting

Followed by the mass-shooting in a supermarket in Colorado, a recent case of mass shooting has been reported at Southern California’s office building. Declared as the nation’s third shooting case in less than two weeks, four victims have been announced dead, including a minor. A woman was also reported as severely injured and sent to the hospital.

This incident took place at around 17:30, Wednesday, on Lincoln Avenue in Orange, located in Southern California. Although the police have not said anything behind the motive of this act or any information about the suspect, they have declared that the suspect was critically injured at the time of the shooting and was taken to the hospital under police custody.

The incident took place at a two-story commercial building and journalists could see the bodies lying on the courtyard and second floor.

According to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s tweet, “This situation is horrifying and heartbreaking. Our hearts are with families impacted by this tragedy”. Orange Police Lieutenant Jennifer Amat said that shots were already being fired when the police reached the scene. Officers had to open fire until the suspect was wounded and captured. The officials are unsure of what circumstances resulted in the shooting. However, they have stated that businesses like an insurance office, a financial consulting firm, a phone repair shop and a legal services business were located in this building.

Cody Lev, a local who lives across the street, heard six gunshots before the police arrived. He later heard several shots after the officials arrived at the scene. Home to more than 140,000 Americans, the city has experienced several shooting incidents; however, Amat said that this incident is the worst case to occur since December 1997, when a person armed with an assault rifle attacked a California Department of Transportation maintenance yard.

Because of these recurring attacks, President Joe Biden has vowed to take strict actions and eliminate all the loopholes present in background checks for buying weapons.



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