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Work Study Program

What is the Work Study Program?

Are you a veteran interested in working towards a VA benefits entitlement that you can use towards furthering your education? The work-study program is a VA education benefit offered to military students working towards a college degree, vocational certificate, or from ¾ to full time. In this assistance program, financial aid is traded in return for volunteering personal time. Most work-study assignments include completing and processing paperwork, assisting with recruitment services, and working at medical facilities, among other common VA duties. To understand more about the amounts available per student, how to apply, and program restrictions, keep reading.

What are the Benefits?

Students accepted into the VA work-study program can expect to receive the greater minimum wage, (between their state’s designated minimum wage and federal wages) in return for their time donations. In some instances, the college or program you attend may offer to pay the difference between your pre-determined minimum-wage salary, and the amount paid to other students directly employed by the school itself.

In some instances, student are able to have a partial amount of their first paycheck sent in advance, for the amount of either 40% or 50 hours (whichever is less),  to cover the cost of living and school expenses. After your first payment, payouts are received after every 50 hours of work is completed, or every two weeks, with the determining factor being whichever occurs first.

Am I Eligible?

There are a number of factors the VA considers when determining which applicants to admit into the work-study program. Inquiring students should be aware that the VA prioritizes disabled veterans with injuries related to their active duty. Other factor the VA reviews includes students’ level of remedial need, their likelihood of completing the program obligations entirely, and the level of job availability in each student’s area. If you’re interested in applying for VA education benefits through the work-study program, fill out and print the application here.


  1. I am having a hard time finding the Regional office that my Voc Rehab comes from. Can you help me? I live in Idaho and have Voc Rehab benefits through the Boise office. Who do I mail my work study paper work to? What is the address?

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