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Why am I having problems with .pdf forms on the VA website?

If you have any trouble with the VA PDF forms, please refer to the guidelines given below: Users of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari: these browsers have a built in PDF viewer which isn’t compatible with the PDF forms. Hence, if you wish to use a fillable VA form on your mobile device or PC, you must use Adobe Reader. Users of mobile devices such as iPhone/iPad, Windows phone, Android and BlackBerry: the latest version of the Adobe Reader application must be installed or updated on your device from its App Store. Users of Mac/PC: The latest version of Adobe Reader should be installed or updated to view the PDF forms. If you are still having difficulty with the forms after installing Adobe Reader, you should configure your browser to use the built-in PDF viewer. Your browser can be used to download the PDF forms and then open them with Adobe Reader.

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