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Where do I find information about jobs and employment opportunities?

The VEC (Veterans Employment Center) is the government’s only official authenticated web source for linking transitioning Service members, Veterans, and their families to dependable and reliable employment. VEC is the first government-wide product to bring together credible public and private employers with real employment opportunities, and provide transitioning Service members, Veterans and their families with the tools to translate their military skills into civilian language and build a profile that can be shared in real time with those committed to hiring veterans. VEC was set up by the Department of Veterans Affairs, together with the Departments of Labor, Education, and Defense, Office of Personnel Management, and the Small Business Administration. VEC can be found at www.ebenefits.va.gov/ebenefits/jobs. To learn how to use VEC, there is a video tutorial at www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWfhI-eSoWk. The following tools are for those who are seeking employment: Skills Translator: This will convert your military skills into equivalent civilian skills for a strong and reliable resume and also to learn about related non-military career choices. Resume Profile Builder: Use the results of the Skills Translator online where users can publish/download to employers on the VEC. By uploading your details on VEC, you automatically get connected to numerous employers who are hiring veterans and transitioning Service members. Veteran Job Bank (VJB): VJB is responsible for searching more than 1.5 million job vacancies plus all federal jobs. VJB also includes jobs reserved for vets. Employer Commitments: See a list of thousands of hiring organizations which have made it their duty to hire and train people like you by connecting them directly to their sites. Other Resources: VEC also provides links and sites to other numerous resources which are aimed at helping you find employment and take advantage of various programs. The following tools are for employers: Veterans Job Bank (VJB): Publish employment opportunities which will be easily visible to job seekers. VJB directly connects to the employer’s employment opportunities, so updates made to the site are automated and job seekers will be directed to the candidates tracking system. Search Profiles: VEC lets employers have access to numerous authenticated resumes. Employers will be able to go through the list by searching either by keyword or geographical location. Employment Commitments: Employers can start a campaign to employ veterans by starting a pubic hiring pledge on VEC. Employers can detail the number of veterans they wish to hire and can update their status when they achieve their target. Other Resources: VEC has numerous links which connect to a much wider platform to help employers recruit and hire qualified veterans. For inquiries or technical assistance with the website, contact the Department of Veterans Affairs VEC support staff at oeoecsupport.vbavaco@va.gov.

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