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When Enrollment is Not Required

Normally the veterans are required to be enrolled in health care system of VA for receiving facilities from the package of Medical Benefits. In some cases, the veterans do not require enrolment for receiving benefits of medical care.

Enrolment is not required if:

  • You were marked by VA to be 50% or more incapacitated from SC conditions (service-connected conditions
  • If any treatment is being undertaken only for a service related disability which is rated by VA.
  • If the veteran was discharged within a year for a disability which occurred due to the service and has been recognized by the military but still not rated by the VA.

Enrolled veterans will continue to be enrolled without reapplying for annual benefit. However, exceptional veterans are required to update their information related to finance on a yearly basis in order to keep their enrollment continuing. These veterans will be informed about their economical information by the VA whenever it is updated.

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