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What social work services does VA have?

Social Work is a professional service with treatment responsibilities in all patient care areas, helping patients and families to achieve their highest level of adjustment/coping in society, and promoting vocational and psychosocial rehabilitation. Social workers develop and implement treatment approaches which address individual social problems and work with acute/chronic medical conditions, dying patients, and bereaved families. VA social workers are responsible for ensuring continuity of care through the admission, evaluation, treatment, and follow-up processes. This includes coordinating discharge planning and providing case management services based on the patients clinical and community health and social services resources. Over the years, Social Work staff have addressed the needs of distinct veteran populations, i.e., the homeless, the aged, HIV/AIDS patients, spinal cord injury, Ex-POWs, Vietnam and Persian Gulf veterans and their families, etc. For more information regarding Social Work services, please visit http://www.socialwork.va.gov/index.asp

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