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What services are provided for blind veterans?

Visually impaired veterans can obtain services provided by VA Medical Facilities through the Visual Impairment Services Coordinator. Only veterans with vision difficulties may be eligible for long term treatment at VA’s rehabilitation center or clinic. Aids and service for visually impaired veterans are as follows: A total health and benefits review by a VA Visual Impairment services team Adjustment to Blindness Training Home improvements and structural alterations to homes Special electronic assistance, mechanical aids, audio books, literature that uses Braille script, and training to use them. Supporting veterans in identifying sources for guide dogs and in completing the application process to obtain a guide dog, assist with expenses of training the veteran to use the dog, and the cost of the dog’s medical care as provided for in VHA policy and regulation For specific and detailed information relating to Prosthetics, Medical and Sensory Aids, please visit http://www.prosthetics.va.gov/.

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