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What is the Denver Acquisition and Logistics Center (DALC)?

DALC or the VA Denver Acquisition and Logistics Center provides services to veterans all over the world. DALC distributes accessories, prosthetic socks, and hearing aid batteries, as well as providing hearing aid repair services. DALC customers also include VA’s Audiology and Speech Pathology Services, Prosthetic and Sensory Aid Services, Blind Rehabilitation Centers, other VA services throughout the United States and other Government agencies. These items are shipped to any requested location. Services and products provided by DALC include: Hearing aid repairs, hearing aids and accessories Batteries (mainly used in hearing aids, however, some types of batteries are obtainable that can also be utilized in other devices powered by battery such as assistive listening devices, neuromuscular stimulators and artificial larynxes) Prosthetic items including prosthetic socks, orthotic soft goods and prosthetic feet. Approximately 500 prosthetic socks and other orthotic soft goods are provided by DALC. They also provide orthopedic corsets, abdominal binders, belts and supports for managing chronic and acute spine or abdomen disabilities. Aids for those people who are visually impaired, for instance adjustable-length support canes and folding and rigid mobility canes; clocks, wristwatches and Braille pocket watches; alarm clocks and talking wrist watches, clocks and wristwatches with highly contrasting faces; AM/FM/TV audio receivers and Braille writers You can contact DALC via email at: DALC.CSS@va.gov or by calling Regina Krawiec, Veteran Services Division at (303) 914-5145. You can find information regarding Acquisition and Materiel Management for supplier or logistic information, Information Resources Management (IRM) for Remote Order Entry System (ROES), other DALC software, or access assistance and Fiscal for information about your bill or other financial issues by visiting the DALC website at: http://www.va.gov/oal/ For information specifically about prosthetics, sensory aids and medical Devices, please visit http://www.prosthetics.va.gov/

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