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What is a Veterans Identification Card (VIC) and how can you get one?

The Veterans Identification Card Act was passed into law on July 20, 2015. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is developing rules and regulations so that the legislation can be enforced. However, due to this being a lengthy process which requires a public opinion period and approval from the Office of Management and Budget, the program isn’t expected to be implemented until 2017. Until then, VA will make a Veterans ID card available to eligible veterans for the purposed of identification and checking in to VA medical facilities. The new cards will not have Social Security Numbers or birth dates printed on the front. The new cards will have the applicable indicators SC, POW, or PH which stand for Service-connected, Prisoner Of War, and Purple Heart respectively. Those who receive SC status after the issuance of the card or those who do not have it properly indicated, must show their SC rating letter to the eligibility verifying clerk at their local VA hospital. A request for a new card to the National Card Management Directory System will be submitted after verification. A photo will be taken at the facility and the card will be mailed to the provided address. If the card is unable to be delivered, it will be returned to the requesting facility where it will be destroyed if it remains unclaimed after 90 days. Until the card is received, veterans can show their DD-214 and their driver’s license to receive discounts wherever they are offered. If a business does not accept the Veterans ID card, their affiliation can be checked with the State’s division of VA. For more information about the Veteran’s ID card, please visit the official website: http://www.va.gov/healthbenefits/access/veteran_identification_card.asp

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