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What are the steps in the eBenefits /VDC online dependents application process?

To complete the VDC online dependents application, please follow the steps below. To view the application along with screenshots, please click here: eBenefits-VDC Help Desk Reference Guide. Note: Steps 1 – 7 have common questions for the interview process when adding a spouse or child. When entering school age child 18 – 23 years old, you will be required to provide additional information such as school name and location, enrollment type, etc. Supporting documentation for adopted children will be required at the end of the interview process. For dependent children: If you’re a veteran and you choose to: Add or Continue to manage your applications for dependents, please click on Apply for Dependent Benefits or Continue. Make changes to the personal information, please click on Edit Personal Information. Note: Update Personal Contact Information portal will pop up when you click on Edit Personal Information. Make changes to your marital status, click on Update Marital Status or to add a new dependent child, click on Add a New Dependent Child. Note: Make sure that pop-ups are enabled on your browser. Add names and relationships of your dependents. Please click on what is your child’s name? Here, you can insert the first name, middle name and last name of the child. Click on what is the child’s relationship to you? You may then select the appropriate answer from the list such as Biological Child, Stepchild, Adopted Child, or Other. Note: Claims made on dependent children should be biological, step, or adopted children only. Provide more information on the dependent children. For date of birth, click on the calendar next to the Date. For birth place, click on the country or state and type the name of the city. For Social Security Number, enter the SSN in the provided space. Note: If the children has a foreign nationality and does not possess a social security number, check the box which says ‘the child does not have a social security number.’ Confirm that your child lives with you, click Yes or No. Note: If No, then please provide details about where the child lives. Confirm that the child is age 18 to 23 years old and is or will attend school full-time by selecting Yes or No. Note: If you choose yes, please provide further information such as the name of the school and its location, type of enrollment, and other additional information. To add another new dependent child, please click on Add a New Dependent Child. To upload documents, click on upload file; choose the correct file and click on upload. Note: If you have no documents to be uploaded, you may click on Done Uploading Files to continue. To check whether the application requires any corrections. If no correction is required, you may click on Save & Continue. Note: You will receive a notification after the completion of your application.

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