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Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP)

What is VEAP?

The Veteran’s Educational Assistance Program, otherwise known as VEAP, offers educational assistance to veterans who have submitted payments into the program throughout the duration of their service. The assistance is available for a number of different educational and training applications, including vocational schools, graduate degrees, hands-on training, flight training, and other programs.

How Does VEAP Operate?

In order to use your VEAP benefits, you must be actively contributing to the assistance program fund. The number of payments you make into the program will depend on the amount paid on a monthly basis. Once your installments have been made in full, however, your funding is able to last anywhere from one to thirty-six months. Ultimately, the amount of your benefits entitlement is determined by the total of your installments into the VEAP program, and any payments you make into the association’s funding is in turn doubled by the Veteran’s Association. In some instances, DOD payments may actually be included in your payout from the program.

How do I Qualify?

The Veteran’s Educational Assistance Program is available to honorably discharged veterans who enrolled in service from January 1st, 1977 through June 30th, 1985, and successfully finished their first term of service. Veterans who enlisted between these dates were required to make their first contribution by April 1st, 1987. Contributions are required to be between $25 and $2700. For service members who are currently serving in the force, the VEAP program is now available to active duty service members who are able to contribute three months’ worth of payments for enrollment.

How Do I Enroll?

To benefit from the VEAP program, VA form 22-1990 (otherwise known as the Application for Education Benefits form) must be completed and submitted to your regional VA office. For service members who are on inactive duty, make four copies of your “Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty Form (Form 214)” must be submitted with your application. On the other hand, active duty service members should expect to have their VA education benefits application accepted and approved by their base’s Education Services Officer, and their enlistment verified by their commanding officer.


  1. I am a beneficiary of a veteran. I am trying to get help thru the Hazelwood application. they lead me to this website but I cant find a way to make an account or direct link to input information regarding a certification of eligibility paper needed by the veterans association needed by my school, South Texas College. if u can further assist me.

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