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VA Loan Benefits: Housing Grants Assist Disabled Veterans

VA Housing Benefits for the Disabled

VA housing benefits for disabled veterans come in four particular categories.

First – the funding fee waiver. VA-backed home loans include a required funding fee to be paid as part of the loan’s closing costs. However, veterans that have been rated as 10%, or more, disabled due to service-connected disabilities are exempted from this funding fee.

Second – the Home Improvements and Structural Alterations (HISA) Grant. This is a grant, available alone or in conjunction with a SAH/SHA grant(discussed next). It is meant to provide funding to improve or modify a home for necessary treatment or disability access to both the home and necessary bathroom facilities. Available funds can range from $2,000 – $6,800.

Third – the Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) Grant. This grant is focused on specific service-connected disabled veterans, and offers funding up to $14,093. It is meant to increase and aid in the mobility of veterans and eligible service-members in their residences as a way of coping with certain disability limitations.

Fourth – the Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) Grant. This is the largest available of the three primary grants, providing funding up to a maximum of just over $70,000. It is meant to provide what the VA terms as ‘barrier free living’ – which can be interpreted several ways, but could include wheelchair modifications to a home.

These grants having varying requirements which can be viewed in greater detail on the VA’s website – but they offer options to improve and modify housing to fit the needs of those who served their country and ended up facing disabilities.

Never feel ashamed or embarrassed to inquire about these programs. Veterans who have served our nation and found themselves disabled after service (whether disabled due to their service or for separate reasons) deserve our utmost respect and care.

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