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VA Housing Grants Available to Disabled Veterans

Benefits of VA housing grant available to disabled veterans

Disabled, this is a word which is very tough to understand because this word can be understood only by those who are facing this. When you are a veteran who served your organization for a long time will get some help through government organization. Out of various ways, one of the ways is housing grant. So military veterans and other veterans who are facing some service related disabilities can be considered for the housing grant. VA housing grant depends on types of disabilities. VA helps them to purchase or build an adapted home or to renovate an existing home. The main restriction of VA housing grant is that it requires owner occupancy which means that only the person whom it is granted can stay in it. A disabled veteran can get the benefit through VA housing grant programs for specific adaptation.

Housing grant programs:-

There are two types of housing grant programs:-

Specially adapted housing grant:-

It gives a chance to a veteran to live independently in a free environment. By taking the help of SAH grant a veteran can build a house on a land which has to be acquired or on a land which is already owned by a veteran and which is best for specially adapted housing. Through the help of this grant a veteran can renovate his already existing house for specially adapted housing. SAH grant cannot be more than 50% of total cost.

Specially housing adaptation grant:-

SHA grant helps the disabled veterans with service related disabilities to buy or renovate a home to adapt. Through this a veteran can adapt a house which a veteran is already going to buy and in which he will continue to live, a veteran can buy an already adapted house too in which he can live easily.

Eligibility criteria and benefits:-

If you are a disabled veteran whose disability is permanent or service connected, you are eligible for SAH or SHA grant. The amount will be according to the law and but will be changed according to the construction cost per year. In the year 2015 the SAH grant which can be approved is $70,465 and SHA is $14,093. There is a temporary grant too which is available for these veterans who are temporarily living in a family member’s house. In this case, maximum SAH amount which can be approved is $30,934 and SHA amount, which can be approved, is $5,523.

A veteran can apply for VA housing grant by filling in a VA Form 26-455. A  Veteran can send this form online or through mail to the VA regional office. To apply online the website is www.ebenefits.va.gov . A veteran can make a call to toll-free number 1800-827-1000 for a claim form, or he can visit the nearest regional office. Veterans, those who do not come in the disability criteria of VA, have to wait for disability rating to qualify for VA housing grant for disabled person.

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