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TRICARE: An Overview Home Mortgage Overview

TRICARE is the primary healthcare benefits program for members of the military community. It provides a variety of healthcare plans to active-duty and retired Uniformed Service members,

TRICARE: What’s Covered, and What Isn’t Eligible for a VA Home Loan

Besides your general medical care and related diagnostics and testing, there are over 200 specific items that may be covered by TRICARE, depending on your level of coverage.

Appeals and Grievances Regarding TRICARE Coverage  Why Choose a VA Home Loan

Certain treatments require prior authorization before TRICARE will cover them. Your provider must get approval from TRICARE before these treatments will be covered.

TRICARE and DEERS Mortgage Rates for VA Home Loans

In order to be registered with TRICARE, all qualifying beneficiaries must also be registered with the Defense Enrollment Eligibility System, or “DEERS”.

TRICARE - Eligible Family Members  Are You a First-Time Homebuyer

The following individuals are eligible for various forms of TRICARE: Uniformed Service members, which includes active duty and retired members of the

TRICARE Considerations for Active-Duty Reserve and National Guard Service members  Financing Options Available When Buying a Home

If you are a member of the National Guard or Reserves, being called to active duty for more than 30 days makes you and your family eligible for TRICARE Prime and Standard the same day you are due to report

TRICARE Enrollment Contract Guidelines for VA Home Loans

Some forms of TRICARE require enrollment, while you will be automatically registered for others.

Healthcare During Transition  How to be a Responsible Homeowner

Those eligible for TRICARE can continue to receive benefits for up to 180 days following active-duty status. In addition, there are programs available to ensure that transitioning from active-duty service


TRICARE Prime is the most popular healthcare plan used by active-duty military families. It is the cheapest plan available, requiring less money out-of-pocket than other TRICARE plans.

TRICARE Prime Extended Options what is TRICARE

Enrollment in TRICARE Prime’s basic health care plan is limited geographically to beneficiaries who are near military treatment facilities.

TRICARE Standard and TRICARE Standard Overseasthe need for tricare

TRICARE Standard is a premium health care plan that allows you to choose any TRICARE Standard authorized provider. It allows beneficiaries a greater degree of freedom in selecting providers,

TRICARE Extra and TRICARE Plus who and what is covered

TRICARE Extra is available to all TRICARE-eligible beneficiaries except active-duty service members. TRICARE Extra is essentially the same health care plan as TRICARE Standard

TRICARE for Retirees who and whatnot covered

When a service member retires from active duty or from service in the National Guard or Reserve, his or her eligibility for TRICARE coverage and as a TRICARE sponsor for family members changes

TRICARE for Life (TFL) making your case

Military retirees and their spouses will no longer be eligible for regular TRICARE coverage after the age of 65. At this point, health care coverage will be provided primarily through TRICARE for Life,

TRICARE Retired Reserve making your case

TRICARE Retired Reserve is available to qualifying retired Reserve and National Guard members and to their families and survivors.

TRICARE Retiree Dental Program making your case

The TRICARE Retiree Dental Program is available to retired service members and their families for coverage in all U.S. territories and Canada.

Uniformed Services Family Health Plan Applying for a VA Home Loan Refinance

The Uniformed Services Family Health Plan, or “USFHP”, is available to persons living in select areas within the United States.

TRICARE Young Adultmaking your case

The Affordable Care Act, popularly known as “Obamacare”, extended eligibility for family health care plans to dependent children up to the age of 26.

TRICARE Extended Care Health Option Programmaking your case

The TRICARE Extended Care Health Option, or “ECHO”, provides extended coverage to active-duty family members with certain physical

TRICARE Supplemental Plansmaking your case

In order to reduce the impact of out-of-pocket costs incurred when choosing TRICARE Standard or TRICARE Extra, you may elect to seek supplemental insurance.

TRICARE Reserve Select making your case

TRICARE Reserve Select is available to all National Guard and Reserve members and their families, whether or not they are on active-duty

TRICARE Dental Program making your case

While active-duty service members receive dental care from at military treatment facilities, family members of active-duty personnel, non-active duty National Guard

TRICARE Pharmacy Program

The TRICARE Pharmacy Program provides benefits to all TRICARE beneficiaries, including TRICARE for Life beneficiaries who also have Medicare Parts A and B

Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Programmaking your case

TRICARE, TRICARE for Life, and most civilian health care plans specifically exclude long-term care from coverage. Long-term care refers to care required when an individual requires assistance