In order to be registered with TRICARE, all qualifying beneficiaries must also be registered with the Defense Enrollment Eligibility System, or “DEERS”.

All active-duty and retired servicemembers are registered in DEERS automatically, but your family is not.  Only the primary insured servicemember can add or remove family members to DEERS, after which the beneficiary may update their information themselves.

It is essential to keep DEERS information up-to-date to ensure that TRICARE claims are processed.  For example, your TRICARE coverage is verified through DEERS when pharmacies fill prescriptions; they will only be filled if your DEERS information is accurate.

Current DEERS information can be verified through a TRICARE service center, a TRICARE representative, or through a Uniformed Services personnel office (where military ID cards are issued).

Be sure to report any life events affecting coverage as soon as possible to ensure that you and your family have continuous coverage, especially with regard to adult children who are full-time students after they have reached the age of 21.  Once you or your family members are eligible for Medicare Part A or B, you must update DEERS in order to continue receiving TRICARE benefits.  You may also need to update your ID card information after turning 65.

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