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Transition Assistance Program Overview

Under the transition assistance program, Service member gets all the training, information and tools to confirm that they along with their spouses can be settled in civil life. If they are going to start their business, going to get education or looking for job in private or public sector. The TAP, which is redesigned, is the outcome of merger of two different agencies so that service members along with spouses can get all the facilities, information and resources which are accessible easily so that their transition in civilian life can become easy and successful.

Where to begin?

To start with this transition process first they have to complete the Form 2648 (DD) ”Pre-separation counselling checklist”. The process of completing this form is a legal requirement which is mandatory and then you need to fill a copy of this form in your personal file.

To get the information about the transition benefits and services, those service members who are separating or retired has to visit the local transition counsellor after making an appointment. These transitional counsellors you can visit at military installations located locally in the following offices:-

  • Coast guard:-Active duty members can be assisted by transition /relocation manager In a Transition assistance seminar scheduled by them. To get more data on this you can visit the website: – http://www.uscg.mil/worklife/tap_contact.asp.
  • Army:-They are known as the ‘The Soldiers for Life’:- At any military installations these centers on assistance program can be located whether it is OCONUS or CONUS. To get more knowledge on this you can call on 800-325-4715 .You can get the complete list on the website https://www.acap.army.mil/pages/sfl-tap_centers/sfl-tap-centers-all.aspx.
  • Marines:-At all USMC installation in the marine and family division, all the transition readiness services and resources are provided. To get more information you can call on 703-784-9550.
  • Air-Force: – To receive the information about other transition services, first you have to schedule your pre-separation counselling by contacting the local airman and family readiness center. For the information you can visit the website: http://www.afpc.af.mil/lifeandcareer/transition.asp.

Navy:-To know more on the transition program of navy, plan, transition goals and success, you have to contact the local fleet and family support center. The website is: https://www.cnic.navy.mil/ffr/family_readiness/fleet_and_family_support_program/regional_office_program_directory

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