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The VA Dental Benefits

The dental benefits offered by the VA requires fulfilling the eligibility criteria which depends on a specific set of guidelines and also greatly varies from the eligibility criteria needed for the VA medical care. Dental treatment can be provided to those combat veterans when it is necessary to correct the dental problems under the following conditions:

  • The veterans should have been in active service and were released from the military service in certain circumstances except from being dishonorable in the duty period that is about 90 days.
  • The release or discharge from service certificate doesn’t carry a certification that was offered to the veteran within the time period of 90 days which is immediately before the release or discharge date, and a thorough dental examination and a complete dental treatment is to be required.
  • Within about 180 days from the date of release from service and under the situations other than the dishonorable in service, the VA dental treatment application can be obtained.

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