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The GI Bill Kicker

The Navy, Marine and Army Corps Funds for College

GI Bill Kicker is prominently referred to as the Navy, Army or Marine Corps College Funds is presented via the service branch of the DoD as a part of the reenlistment or the enlistment contract and for various other reasons.

The Corps College Fund refers to a supplementary amount of monetary benefit that raises the basic benefit received per month by an individual and this is covered in the GI Bill disbursement which is released by VA. The service branch has the provisions to determine which individual receives he funds and the sum received by them. To ensure the accuracy of the funds being offered under the College Fund scheme, it is vital for the individual to submit a copy of the bill to VA.

These added benefits can boost the GI Bill disbursement amount to $950 per month. This implies that the benefit value of GI Bill can actually receive a significant boost. The amount received by a person is dependent on several factors which include the service joined, the location of service, the job chosen, enlistment date and the tenure of the enlistment contract.

The college funds can also be paid under the GI bill however they are governed by certain restrictions and limitations. To get precise answers and to procure information about the GI Bill benefits, the VA can be contacted at 1-88-GIBILL-1.

Note: The term GI Bill Kicker is used by the Air Force which refers to the GI Bill Buy-up initiative. This bill is presented to all the active duty participants of the GI Bill. The GI Bill is also offered to the members who opt to stick to the reserve forces. For this the member must first meet the requirements and also needs to accept the bill. The benefits under the Reserve GI Bill can be boosted to more than $24,000 is one qualifies for the GI Bill Kicker for Reserve members. Until and unless the service member receives the GI Bill, the GI Bill Kicker amount is not offered to the individual. The kicker is an added on benefit offered with the GI Bill.

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